When An Ant Problem Is No Picnic

Posted on: 19 May 2015

If you have an ant problem invading your home, you will want to work fast in removing them so they do not multiply in number. Ants literally come out of the woodwork in the springtime, making it a prime time to take control of your home with springtime cleaning to help in removal. Here are a few methods in removing ants from your household, allowing you to enjoy your home to the fullest without having to worry about scurrying insects searching for crumbs:

Clean Beyond The Norm

Ants enjoy messy homes, this is no secret. However, even homes that appear clean can have areas of hidden grime that ants will relish in exploring. Take the time to do a deep-clean of your kitchen area, as this is an area where ants invade the most. If you are strapped on cleaning time, the kitchen and bathrooms are the areas that definitely need a bigger cleaning routine, as they are the areas where water is present.

Break out the bleach, mix it up a half-and-half mixture with some water, and use it to wipe down all the counters and appliances. This step will kill bacteria and stop ant trails from being smelled by other ants, thereby stopping their intrusion.

Block Entryways

Ants can crawl into teeny holes and through gaps around windows and doors. To help keep ants from getting inside, take a look at the exterior of your home for visible spots where ants can squeeze into easily. Grab a container of caulk and plug up any cracks and crevices along the foundation or exterior of your siding. 

Use caulk or weather-stripping along window and door perimeters, helping to fill in the voids where ants are able to get in and out of your home. Use gravel to help keep ants from wanting to walk to your home. Place this right up against the walls of your home, along the foundation. Ants will prefer to stay in the grass, keeping them in the yard rather than in your home.

Use Deterrents

There are a few natural items that can be sprinkled and sprayed around your home, both inside and out, to help keep ants from staying. Salt and talc can both be used near doorways to help keep ants from wanting to get inside. Peppermint, vinegar, pepper, and cinnamon are all ant-deterring ingredients. Mix one of these with water in a spray bottle and spray around any areas where you have seen ants in the past.

Kill Ant Infestations

There are several ant-killing chemicals on the market in spray, granule and trap form. When using these products, make sure to keep them away from children and pets, as they are very potent and can cause illness if ingested. Calling professional pest control services is recommended instead of using these products, as household bug killers do not always do the job effectively.