5 Ways To Deter Skunks From Nesting In Your Yard

Posted on: 23 April 2018

Spring is here, and that means that flowers are in bloom, bees are a buzz... and skunks are looking for places to nest. April and May are the months when skunks give birth to their young, so they are often on the prowl and looking for new homes. Here are five ways to ensure your backyard does not become that new home.

1. Clean up wood piles and debris.

Skunks love to build nests in secluded, natural-feeling areas, like behind a woodpile or in a big pile of brush. So if you have any wood stacked on your land, neaten it up and make sure it is not placed directly against a shed or fence, creating spaces for skunks to nest. Get rid of any brush piles, too.

2. Dry out your yard.

It sounds strange, but some of skunks' favorite foods come from a wet yard. Mushrooms tend to grow in moist soil, and skunks love them. They also feed on grubs and worms that accumulate in moist soil. If your yard is draining poorly, hire a landscaping company to come dig a few ditches or install drain tile. This is important not only for keeping skunks away, but also for deterring other pests like flies and mosquitoes.

3. Don't feed pets outdoors.

You might call it "dog food" or "cat food," but skunks find it just as delicious as your pet. Stop feeding any pets outside, or if you do feed them, stick around to watch them eat the food and then pick up any leftovers promptly. Skunks love to nest near a food source, so if you are literally putting food out on your porch for them every morning, you can expect them to come.

4. Seal up your trash cans.

Skunks can climb, and they love getting into trash almost as much as raccoons. Make sure all of your trash cans have lids and place something heavy on top of the lids to hold them down. 

5. Patch up holes in porch skirts. 

Another place where skunks tend to nest is under porches. If your porch has a skirt around it, make sure there are no holes in this skirt. Patch any holes up with siding or wood so that skunks, and other pests, cannot enter.

If you do see skunks on your land, contact a pest control company promptly. Trapping these animals without getting sprayed is a challenge, and professionals know how to do it best. For more information, contact a company like JD Termite & Pest Control Company.