Want To Steer Termites Away From Your Home? Take These 3 Actions

Posted on: 28 March 2019

While much less dramatic than fire and flood, the average American homeowner is far more likely to incur termite damage than these or any other natural disasters. In fact, according to recent information published by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), termite infestations in residential housing are known to result in structural damage estimated to be in the billions of dollars each year.

Although most active in areas where cold temperatures do not reach extreme levels for an extended period of time, termites have now been found in every state in the nation, except for Alaska. If you are a homeowner who wants to ensure that your home remains a termite-free zone, here are three actions you should consider taking right now. 

Eliminate common termite entry points 

Reducing your risk of attracting termites begins with making sure that they cannot easily enter your home to gain access to the wooden beams, sill plates, and other lumber used in the construction of your home.

To do this, homeowners will want to seal any existing cracks in the foundation walls, as well as any holes that may have been drilled through it to run pipes or wiring into the home. Depending on the materials used in the construction of your home, caulking or grout are both good options to use as a sealant material. Once the initial repair has been made, homeowners will want to check and reseal these openings on an as-needed basis. 

Remove termite food sources

Termites have voracious appetites, with wood and other fibrous materials making up the bulk of their diet. In addition to sealing your foundation walls to prevent them from getting under your home, homeowners will also want to discourage their presence by making sure that potential food sources are not located near the home. 

These food sources include stacks of firewood, kindling, or lumber, as well as heavy accumulations of dead leaves, wood mulch, straw, and construction debris. 

Discuss professional baits and pre-treatment options 

Keeping your home free of termites is a complicated process. In addition to preventing access and eliminating sources of food, homeowners should also consider taking the precautionary measure of using professional baits for existing homes and pre-treatment options before building a new home.

Baits work by attracting termites to the perimeter of your property where the termites feed on a poison bait that they then carry back to their nest, helping to eradicate even more of these vicious pests. 

To learn more about preventing termites or dealing with an existing infestation, contact a termite control company like American Pest Control Inc.