Safe Pest Control Tips For Families

Posted on: 24 July 2019

When you have little kids in your home, you need to be careful about spraying for ants or baiting cockroaches. You would not want your child to accidentally touch or end up ingesting any of the pesticides. Luckily, if you are proactive with your pest control tactics, you don't usually have to resort to chemical options. Here are some pest control safety tips for families.

Keep Things Dry

People often think of pests as being attracted by foods. It's true that ants, roaches, and other pests will appear if you leave scraps around or leave food uncovered. But leaving moisture and water available can be just as bad. Many of these insects come inside when the weather outside is dry because they know your home is a source of moisture. If you make sure you repair leaking faucets, install a dehumidifier, and dry out the sink after washing dishes, you'll make your home less appealing to pests.

Don't Allow Food Outside of the Kitchen

Banning food in the living room and bedrooms might seem harsh, but it is an effective way of keeping pests at bay. You (and your kids) are more likely to spill or drop crumbs without realizing it in these rooms. At least in the kitchen, the floor is typically easy to clean, so crumbs and spills won't linger. If your kids hate snacking in the kitchen, consider mounting a tablet or small TV near your table or kitchen island to make dining in the kitchen more entertaining.

Seal Your Home

You won't have pests if they can't get inside! Check to make sure your doors and windows are well sealed. Caulk any cracks in the frames. If a window does not close properly, have it replaced or repaired. Every year or so, take a close look at the weatherstripping at the bottoms of your doors and replace it if it is looking torn or worn.

Take Care of Your Landscaping

Keep your landscaping tidy. Don't let leaves sit in a pile. Remove weeds regularly, and make sure the soil is draining well. Bugs often start infesting the areas outside your home before they move indoors, so keep them out of your yard.

To learn more about family-safe pest control tactics, reach out to a residential pest control company near you. They may offer organic or less-toxic treatments that can help get rid of stubborn pests that linger after you follow the tips above.