Proactive Ways to Lessen Risk of a Bed Bug Infestation

Posted on: 2 September 2021

Even though they have no ability to produce or inject poison, bed bugs are still capable of instilling fear in many, and with good reason. The bite of a bed bug may be more annoying than painful, but it is capable of causing unpleasant or even severe allergic reactions. 

Bed bugs are persistent pests, especially when they are hungering to feed on human blood. Their tenacity and ability to hide makes them especially difficult to eradicate, should an infestation develop inside a home or apartment. If your family is fearful of experiencing a bed bug infestation, Because of this, families who live in fear of experiencing a bed bug infestation in their own home may want to be proactive by taking control of the following infestation risks. 

Eliminate potential infestation sites

Suitable shelter is needed for bed bugs to thrive and grow their populations in your home. Taking steps to eliminate potential infestation sites is an important part of stopping an infestation from occurring, including: 

  • vacuuming or steam cleaning mattresses and box springs frequently and then covering them with an impermeable mattress protector 
  • washing bedding, rugs, and throws weekly with hot water and drying them on the hot cycle
  • vacuuming rugs, carpets, drapes, and upholstered furniture more frequently 

Bed bugs, like many other pests, also prefer a cluttered home where they can easily find places to hide. Ridding your home of clutter, especially excess items that are made of paper or fabric, will make it easier to watch for bed bugs, as well as giving them fewer places to hide. 

Avoid situations that can invite bed bugs into your home

Bed bugs can easily spread from home to home because they hitch a ride by hiding in the seams or soft surfaces of commonly used items, like handbags, briefcases, and suitcases. For example, a visitor who puts their suitcase on the floor in an infested home risks transporting bed bugs with them when they return to their own home. Likewise, purchasing bedding, clothing, purses, or other soft goods at thrift stores or yard sales can carry a similar risk. 

Those who cannot avoid these situations will want to take steps to quarantine the items by containing them within a sealed plastic bag or leaving them in a contained space until they can be inspected, cleaned, and deemed free of bed bugs. 

Even diligent actions like these may not be enough to remove all risk of experiencing a bed bug infestation. Families can learn more about controlling and eradicating bed bugs by discussing their concerns with a reputable pest control expert in their area. For more help, contact bed bug control companies.