Issues With Stink Bugs? What You Can Do

Posted on: 18 February 2022

Stink bugs like the warmth of the sun and will come out when the weather is nice. You may begin to spot these pests inside your home as the weather warms up. Their flat bodies allow them to get into your home in the smallest of openings. You may even spot them in your home in the middle of winter, sneaking across a wall and surprising you. If you have an issue with stink bugs, there are a few things you can do. Read on for helpful information.

Seal Doors And Windows

Seal your doors and windows, by caulking around them and checking the seals. If your seals are not in good shape, they will allow stink bugs or other pests to come into your home. If you have openings or gaps around your windows and doors, there is a chance that stink bugs can get inside as well. Other pests will also get into these gaps. Use exterior caulk around the exterior of your windows and doors, and replace the seals. Be sure to caulk around your windows and doors on the inside of your home too.

Repair Holes In Screens

If you have holes in the screens on your windows or doors, it will allow stink bugs to get inside. Make repairs to these areas by using screen repair kits or by replacing the screens altogether. These holes can allow a number of small pests into your home, so either replace the screens or keep those doors and windows closed until you can make the repairs.

Close Doors Behind You

Don't allow doors to hang open when you walk inside or outside. In warmer months, this may happen a lot. Close the doors immediately behind you so stink bugs and other pests don't get inside. Don't open windows that do not have screens.

Kill The Pests Immediately

These pests can hide and you may not find them again until they emerge on a warm day. If you see one on your wall, grab it with a tissue and flush it down the toilet. Smashing these bugs will release an odor, which is where they get their names. Kill the pests you see immediately and don't allow them to disappear in your home to surprise you later.

If you still have an issue with stink bugs or other pests, hire a professional pest control company to spray around your house.