5 Signs You Have a Roach Infestation – How to Spot Them Early

Posted on: 25 October 2023

Cockroaches are disgusting insects that invade your home for the sole purpose of eating your food and leaving waste behind. Not only are they disgusting to look at, but they also harbor diseases and can cause allergies. Unfortunately, once they invade your home, they can be hard to get rid of. If you can recognize the signs of a roach infestation, then you can act quickly to get them taken care of. Here are five surefire signs that cockroaches have set up shop in your home.


One of the clearest indications of a roach infestation is their droppings. Roach poop looks like small, black grains of rice. You’ll find it scattered around areas where the roaches spend most of their time, such as dark corners, under the sink, and behind appliances. Keep in mind that roaches breed quickly, so even if you only spot a few droppings, it’s best to take action right away.

Foul Smell

Roaches emit a distinctive, unpleasant odor that some homeowners describe as musty or oily. If your home starts to smell funky, and you can’t pinpoint the source, there’s a good chance you have a roach infestation. Pay attention to areas where the smell is strongest and look out for other signs of roaches, such as droppings, eggs, or shed skin.

Egg Casings

Roaches reproduce by laying eggs in protected, dark areas. The egg casings are less than an inch long and look like small, brown capsules. If you come across any of these, you can be sure that roaches are reproducing in your home. An adult roach can lay many eggs at one time, so you’ll want to act fast before the infestation grows.

Shed Skin

Like other insects, roaches shed their skin as they grow. Cockroach skins are brown and look a bit like thin, empty shells. You may find them in areas where the roaches have been active and have molted. Shed skin is a sign that the infestation has been going on for a while, as it takes time for roaches to grow to full size.

Live Roaches

You have a roach problem if you start seeing live roaches in your home. Roaches are nocturnal, so they tend to hide during the day and come out at night. If you see roaches scurrying around during the daytime, that means the infestation has grown severe. However, even if you only spot a few at night, you should take swift action to avoid a full-blown invasion.

Roach infestations are gross and dangerous, but they don’t have to be permanent. By keeping an eye out for the signs, you can catch the problem early and nip it in the bud. If you’re seeing any of these indications, call a professional pest control expert. They have the knowledge and tools to get rid of the roaches once and for all.

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