3 Natural Methods For Getting Fleas Out Of Your Apartment

Posted on: 24 February 2015

There isn't much worse than moving into an apartment that looks perfectly nice, only to discover that the previous tenants have left something behind – fleas from their pets. You obviously can't live with the little pests, but you may not want to wait for your new landlord to send an exterminator or shell out for one yourself. Furthermore, you may not be in a hurry to spray pesticides all over your new apartment. What you may not know is that there are natural and inexpensive tricks for getting rid of fleas. Take a look at a few inexpensive and easy ways to get rid of the fleas.

The Salt Treatment

You probably didn't know that you can kill fleas with something as simple as table salt, but you can. Start by filling a large shaker with finely ground salt. If you don't have a large shaker, you can make one from a cylindrical cardboard container with a plastic lid – just fill up the container and punch holes in the lid.

Remove all of the bedding, window treatments, throw rugs, and other removable items, and wash them in hot water. Move your furniture away from the walls, and treat the carpet in each room by sprinkling the salt across the entire floor. Then vacuum the room. Repeat the process with each room in the apartment.

The Soap and Water Trap

If salting the house is out of the question, you may appreciate the simplicity of a soap and water flea trap. Instead of chasing the fleas around to kill them, you can lure them to their demise. This trap is best set at night, when the fleas are active and when there's no human movement to scare them away. Start by filling a plate or bowl with water and adding a capful of dish soap. Make a plate or bowl for each room.

Set the soap and water bowls on the floor of each room, and place a tea candle in the center of the plates, or on the side of the bowls. Then leave it alone. You may not want to go to sleep until the candles go out, but you should plan on being rather still. The fleas will be attracted to the light and get stuck in the soapy liquid, where they'll drown.

The Vinegar Spray

One more method of eliminating and controlling fleas is to make your own homemade flea spray. This spray is vinegar based, and it's safe and non-toxic for you, your kids, and any pets. Start by combining two parts vinegar to one part water. Add lemon juice and witch hazel, and pour the mixture into a sprayer. As with the salt treatment, you'll need to gather everything that can be machine washed and wash it in hot water, and vacuum all of the floors before you start spraying.

The vinegar spray can be applied to carpeting, furniture, bare floors, window sills, cabinets, and surfaces. Spray daily for a week or so to get rid of an infestation, then spray once or twice a week during flea season (spring and summer) to prevent any reinfestation.

Be sure to let your landlord know about the flea problem -- he or she may still want to send in an exterminator, or you may want to request one to check for other pest problems. However, these natural remedies can make your new apartment habitable in the meantime. If you have a severe infestation, home remedies may not be enough. In that case, ask your exterminator about using green, natural and non-toxic methods to eliminate fleas. Click here for more info.