Got A Bat? Tips For Taking Care Of This Batty Problem

Posted on: 28 July 2015

If you have seen a bat flying around your home at night, this can be very scary. Even though the chance is small, the bat could have rabies, which is dangerous for you and your family. If you have seen a bat in your home, below are some tips on getting it out.

Capture the Bat

You can try to capture the bat yourself. If you have seen it in one room, close the room up so it cannot get into other parts of your home. Bats are very small, so roll up a towel and place it under the doors to close up the gaps.  Wear gloves and long plants when you are trying to capture the bat. If you do not see the bat, it will likely be somewhere that it can hang, such as on a curtain rod.

If you see the bat flying in the room, use a towel or a broom to knock it to the ground. It will be hard for it to take flight once it hits the ground, and you may see it try to crawl up a wall. Place a fishing net or a small wastebasket over the bat, and call your local animal control service or a pest control company to pick it up.

If there is a door that leads to the outside, open it up and the bat may fly out of it. Open all of the windows. The bat wants to leave your home so it can find water and food.

Kill the Bat

You should not kill colonies of bats; it is not only inhumane, but in some states it is illegal. If someone in your home was bitten by the bat, it should be killed, and tested for rabies. Call a local pest control company. They may be able to use a type of chemical to slow it down so they can remove it and kill it. Once it is killed, the pest control company will likely take it to the local animal control to be tested. You and your family should also receive rabies shots to be completely safe.

You should take time to check your roof for any gaps or cracks so you know how the bat got into your home in the first place. They are very small and can get through a tiny crack. Hire a roofing contractor to go over your roof to make sure you do not have these problems with it.

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