Gear Up And Fight Off An Impending Army Of Rodents In Your Bakery

Posted on: 15 August 2017

It's the wonderful aroma of fresh bread wafting through the facility, the tiny tidbits of sweet stuff scattered throughout, and the mouth-watering range of foods that make your bakery a prime location for rodents. All those wonderful things that you love about your place of business, from the sweet little sprinkles you dash on the cupcakes to the enticing smells that attract customers, are just as much attractive to pests. Unfortunately, this can mean keeping mice and rats away will become a never-ending process.

If you've seen a mouse or two make a mad dash through the kitchen or have spotted obvious droppings in packaging boxes, it is time to armor up and take control! These little invaders can rapidly create their own army and try to invade your bakery. 

Get proactive about preventing the main rodent attractions. 

Your primary line of defense in keeping critters out of your business environment is prevention. You have to work hard to eliminate as much of what draws the rodents in as you can. Even though this can seem almost impossible in a bus atmosphere, there are a few changes you can implement in your workplace that will work wonders, including:

  1. Clean up spills immediately, whether it is a dragee dropped from a donut or bread crumbs left on the counter. Any small amount of food is a huge bonus in the eyes of a rodent and they can dart out and grab it before you ever realize it. 
  2. Eliminate obvious hiding spots, like boxes that contain packaging that can be resealed to keep rodents out. The less places there are for mice and rats to hide out in your bakery, the less desirable and comfortable it will be for them to be there. 
  3. Seal up any open crevices that lead to the outdoors, such as cracks along exit doors or around ventilation pipes. Remember, some mice can slip through a crack barely large enough to slip your finger through. 

Bring on the reinforcements with professional pest control right away. 

When it comes to rodents in a place of business that involves food, there is no time to dally around. Rodents can be a public health and safety threat. All it would take is a single dropping from a diseased animal to make a lot of people sick. Therefore, bringing in professional rodent control services to clear the problem immediately is super important. Be proactive about prevention and utilize the information and guidelines the professional provides to ensure you safely eliminate the rodent problem in your bakery.