2-Step Guide To Using A Homemade Treatment To Keep Termites Away From Your Old Wooden Deck's Posts

Posted on: 13 October 2017

If you have an old wooden deck on the back of your house, you may worry that the untreated posts could become infested with termites. If so, use the following guide to naturally protect and treat your old wooden deck's posts from a termite invasion:

Step 1:  Clear Away All Debris and Dead Vegetation

Before you start applying your homemade treatment, the first step involves clearing away all debris and dead vegetation around your posts. Keeping the area clear not only makes applying the treatment easier, but it can also help make your deck's posts less attractive to the termites.

Having a clean area around your posts allows are to flow around the wood. This air flow keeps the wood dry and less prone to rotting. Since termites love wood that is already rotted out because it is easier to burrow into and digest, they may seek out such wood over your dried posts.

Also, termites are drawn to dead, rotting vegetation. While they may not make their home in such environments, the decomposing material makes a good snack for them while they are trying to find a home.

If the debris is surrounding your wooden posts, they may decide to take up residence there. After cleaning out the area, avoid allowing leaves, grass clippings, and other organic debris from building up around them.

Step 2:  Paint the Posts with Orange Oil and Vinegar

Once you have cleaned the area around the posts, the next step involves applying the natural treatment that will deter the termites. The treatment consists of a mixture of white distilled vinegar and orange oil.

The vinegar in the treatment makes the posts smell and taste sour. Likewise, the orange oil also has a strong odor that the termites cannot stand. 

In a small bucket, mix together a quarter of a cup of orange oil and two cups of vinegar. Then, use a paintbrush to coat the posts with a liberal amount of the solution. Repeat the application every two or three weeks or after it rains to keep the wood saturated with the treatment.

Even if you use the above treatment every few weeks, you may still find that termites have decided to make their home in your deck posts. To get rid of the insects and keep them from spreading to the rest of your deck and house, contact a pest control service like Quality Pest Control to discuss your options for having professional termite treatments done for your property.