Say No To Mice This Holiday Season: How To Get Rid Of The Rodents In Your Life

Posted on: 31 October 2017

With the holidays just around the corner, you're going to be inviting a lot of guests into your home. Before you open your doors, however, make sure you don't have uninvited guests making an entry at the same time. The last thing you want is to have your home overrun with mice while you're trying to enjoy the holidays. Unfortunately, mice don't always take no for an answer. In fact, they may even take your no as an excuse to try even harder. Before you're overrun with rodent problems during the holidays, here are four simple – but effective – strategies you can use to keep mice away.

Know What to Look For

When it comes to getting rid of mice and keeping them away, it's important that you know what you're looking for. You probably know that you need to look for mouse droppings in the cabinets or nesting materials in the attic. However, you might not realize that you should also be looking for mice entry points. If you're looking for large, gaping holes in your walls, you could be missing some subtle hints. Mice can actually crawl through holes about the size of their heads. Walk through your home, room-to-room, and check for small holes or cracks in the walls. Pay close attention to the areas along the baseboards, as well as inside your closets.

Be Prepared to Make Repairs

Once you've identified all the areas where mice could be crawling through to your home, you should take care of repairs. The easiest way to seal up those small cracks and holes is with ordinary steel wool and latex caulking. First, pull a small amount of steel wool off and stuff it into a crack. Be sure the crack or hole is completely filled. Next, cover the steel wool with a layer of latex caulking, and let it dry. Mice can't chew through steel wool, so they won't be able to use that spot to crawl through. Make sure you monitor your home for access points, and seal them off as soon as you find them.

Make Life Uncomfortable

If you're not ready to think about extermination, you'll need to make life uncomfortable for the mice in your life. The best way to do that is through an ultrasonic sound device. These little devices can be plugged into your home, and they make an ultrasonic sound that mice can't handle. In most cases, your ultrasonic device will rid your home of mice.

Exterminate the Pests

Once in a while, you'll end up with mice that just don't want to leave, no matter what you try. If you've got mice that refuse to leave, it's time to exterminate them. Call your local extermination service, like PermaTreat Pest & Termite Control, and have them put a permanent end to your mouse problem.