Treat A Mice Infestation That Is Affecting Your Garden

Posted on: 16 August 2018

If you have noticed several mice scurrying through your garden and corn cobs, squash, and other crops contain teeth marks, an infestation is likely, and you have reason to be concerned about the contamination of the bounty of crops that you have acquired. Handle the pest problem by cleaning up the land surrounding your garden, installing traps, and administering a deterrent.

Dispose Of Affected Crops And Clean Up

Tossing out crops that mice have come into contact with can be frustrating, but because the likelihood of contamination is high, this step is vital. Place all of the affected items inside of bags. Seal the bags, and immediately place them inside of a trash can that has a lid so that the mice won't be able to smell the crops.

If you use pine straw, mulch, or another fluffy material to outline portions of your garden, you are providing rodents with a suitable area to nest and hide. Although these types of materials are often used for aesthetic and drainage purposes, you can provide your land with the same benefits by removing the fluffy landscaping material and replacing it with gravel. Bag up the pine straw, mulch, or similar material and dispose of it.

Cut Grass And Store Gardening Supplies

Cut the grass around the garden, and use a weed whacker to knock down tall stalks, which could attract mice. Bag up yard debris and dispose of it. If you tend to leave seed packets, bags of soil and fertilizer, and gardening tools around the perimeter of your garden, mice may be attracted to some of the materials, especially the seeds.

Place all of the items inside of waterproof containers. Label the outside of each container, and place all of the containers inside of a shed or garage. Make it easy on yourself during gardening sessions by placing the materials that you are going to be using inside of a wheelbarrow. Push the wheelbarrow out to the garden as needed, and load the gardening supplies back into the wheelbarrow when you have finished. 

Install Traps And Apply A Deterrent

Standard or humane rodent control traps can be used to trap mice that are living near or in the garden. Just be aware that the traps could be potentially dangerous for pets or children, so place the traps in areas that are hidden and where your pets and children are not going to be present.

Purchase a deterrent that contains ammonia, and spray the product around the perimeter of the garden. Mice will avoid the scent of ammonia and will not enter the garden.