How Anyone Can Get Bed Bugs

Posted on: 18 August 2020

Contrary to popular belief, getting bed bugs isn't something that only happens to seedy motels and filthy homes. Anyone's home is susceptible to bed bugs if someone or something brings them into the home. Here are some of the various ways you can end up with bed bugs in your own home. 

You bring back bed bugs on your luggage

If you go on a trip and your luggage is in a location that has bed bugs (even for a short while like the truck of a taxi or hotel room), then the bugs can get in or on your luggage. Then, these pests can travel all the way home with you. When you bring the luggage back into your home and unpack, you'll bring the bed bugs. This is when they'll start to multiply and may cause an infestation. 

You can pick them up from a seat

Bed bugs can fall off someone's clothing when they sit in a seat. Then, when you sit on the seat after, they can latch on your own clothing and you can bring them right into your home. There are countless places where this type of transference can take place. Just a few examples of places where you can pick up bed bugs from a seat include a rental car, a bus seat, the seat in a movie theater, a seat in a doctor's waiting room, a seat in a friend's house or car, or any other location.  

You can bring them in on used items

When you buy something used that came from a home that had bed bugs, you can bring them right into your home on those items. This is why you should make it a point to look at any items you bring home that would have a higher chance of having bed bugs on them, like things made from fabric. After inspecting the items, it's smart to wash them in hot water to try and kill any bed bugs or germs that may be on the used items.  

Now that you understand just how easy it can be to bring bed bugs into your home, you want to be more aware of what comes in your home. You want to look for tiny bugs and when you find one in your home, verify that it isn't a bed bug. If it is, then you are going to want to have your home treated right away. If you need to treat you home, contact a bed bug exterminator for their help.