Tips For Keeping Your Children And Pets Safe When You Have To Combat Termites

Posted on: 20 May 2022

Even if you keep your home clean and orderly it is possible to end up with termites. Because these pests are in the wood of your home, it is nearly impossible to treat the problem yourself. Termites can be very damaging to your home, making it unsafe to live in if they are not eradicated.  Even the mildest treatments can create some type of reaction for anyone, especially children and pets. Luckily, if you talk with the residential pest control company and follow their instructions to prepare for the treatment everyone will be safe. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Plan to Stay Away

The most important safety tip is to stay away from the house until you are sure the treatment chemicals have dissipated. It is recommended that you wait 72 hours before re-entering your home after fumigation. You will need to make alternative living arrangements for your family and pets. This could be staying with friends or family, or perhaps a mini-vacation would work. the pest control company can tell you for sure how long to wait but count on the three days to be safe.

Remove Personal Items 

Since termites are in the wood in your home and not your belongings, you should pack things up and put them in storage for the fumigation process. While you do not need to pack your entire home, it is a good idea to pack up food, toys, clothing, and items you eat and drink with. If you cannot store everything, leave items that can be easily cleaned and make plans to thoroughly clean them before using them again. Do not forget any pet toys, bowls, and beds. 

Ask for Green Alternatives

When it comes to termite control, there are not a lot of green options available. However, by asking the company for this, they may have options that are not as toxic as others. They will understand what you are asking and provide you with the solution that is safest for your home and that will still get the job done. It is important to understand that a less toxic treatment may not be enough to remedy the infestation. 

Regardless of how quickly you find the termite infestation, it is important to talk with a residential termite control company to have the problem resolved. They will also tell you the best ways to prepare for the treatment to keep everyone safe. Don't take the recommendations lightly as your family's safety relies on them.

Contact a company like A & B Termite & Pest Control to discuss ways in which you can use termite control services without harming anyone in your household.